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Foot reflexology

Plantar reflexology is the use of massage and acupressure techniques on all of the feet. This support method is based on the existence of reflex zones in the feet, which represent each organ of the human body. Reflexology has been practiced by different peoples since antiquity. It is recognized that the first form of reflexology originated in China and dates back more than 5000 years. The benefits of foot reflexology are physical, psychological and emotional. The method is sufficient in itself for a large number of minor pathologies, always with a spirit of complementarity to medical treatment. This home massage will ensure you optimum relaxation


For who ?

Foot reflexology is for everyone, from infants of a few weeks to the elderly.

The infant: colic, colds, constipation.

The child: digestive disturbance, respiratory disorders, skin disorders.

The adolescent: monthly pain, acne and anxiety.

Pregnant women from the 4th month: gastric reflux, hemorrhoids, constipation, back pain.

The young mother: helps lactation and rebalances the functioning of the body.

Elderly person: joint pain, well-being, restful sleep.

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